Metro Rail Solutions

Metro Rail Solutions

CNA has developed and implemented specialized environmental control and tunnel ventilation systems for mass rapid transit and road tunnel applications. Our automation solutions meet stringent world standards.

Case Study & Project Description - North East Line MRT Tunnel Ventilation System & Environmental Control System.

System Description

CNA designed and implemented the Local Sequential Controller (LSC) System to control the Tunnel Ventilation and Environmental Control Systems.

Tunnel Ventilation System

Provides an acceptable environment within the tunnel for the operation of trains under normal / congested operation conditions and effective means of controlling smoke flow during emergency condition. Tunnel ventilation shafts and fan system are located at both ends of the tunnel for each of the stations.


The Environmental Control System

Provides a comfortable and safe environment for commuters, station personnel and equipment in the station. It serves to provide smoke control during fire emergency and interfaces with the Fire Protection System to shutdown appropriate equipment and operation of Smoke Purge System.

The Smoke Purge System

The Smoke Purge System is included as part of Environmental Control System. The system consists of a smoke control panel, smoke purging fans and supply air fans. The smoke purging fans are provided for the station public areas and service corridors at ancillary area. Supply air fans are provided for the smoke stop lobbies and emergency / firemen staircases.