Convergence of Building Management Systems along with Enterprise Applications & Interoperability of the above

  • Existing BMS Systems can be integrated to a Common Enterprise Application.
  • This Allows Systems by Different Vendors to be integrated under a Common Platform.

Master system Integrator in Building and Infrastructure Automation Solutions.

  • Green Building
  • Focusing on Energy Saving
  • Customized solutions.

We have the skills and expertise to provide the following Services in the Areas related to the Requirements of the Target Audience.

  • Application Development and Integration
    • Application Development
    • Porting
    • Reengineering
    • Integrating subsystems from different vendors
  • Application Support, Maintenance & Enhancement
    • Maintenance Application support, 24X7 at site or remotely
    • Enhancements
    • Application Testing
  • Real- Time & SCADA Applications
  • Consulting and Implementation Services (for IBMS)

    We can provide service in the following areas

    • Operational and energy efficiency
    • Clean and green environment
    • Enhanced occupant / tenant comfort
    • Improved workplace productivity
    • Single-source solution. The right combination of people, know-how, services and products
    • Performance partnerships that guarantees results
    • Value enhancement of existing building assets
    • Improvement in return on investmen
  • Solutions and Services for Infrastructure Management

    Complementing CNA’s strength in comprehensive integrated solutions, We offers solution and services in areas of

    • Building Controls – Programming of PLC/DDC controllers
    • SCADA systems for Real-Time Device Management
    • Critical Alarm Monitoring, Real-Time Problem Tracking and Rectification
    • Enterprise Services such as Facility Management, Facility Reservation, Dashboards etc
    • Redundancy & Failover Operation

Latest News

Aspect FT Nexus

AspectFT-Nexus™ is a powerful hardware appliance designed to combine the power of an AspectFT-Facility™ Server with serial capabilities of an AspectFT-Matrix™. Through the use of AAM’s Facilitating Technology (FT), AspectFT-Nexus can be used to communicate with serial networks populated with field bus devices communicating on protocols such as BACnet MS/TP, AAM PUP, and even Modbus. Support for Modbus TCP, and legacy SageMAX SDP Protocol are also available with AspectFT®.